I Am Nomad

TYPE: Residential

Featuring our Wilderness Superluxe Velvet within an expertly curated open house concept store. A showcase of exquisitely curated mid-century furniture and local artistry feature through the inimitable home of I Am Nomad founder, Claire Johnson.

"To catch a glimpse of my art, interpreted under the creative gaze of another soul, feels like the final elated day of school before summer holidays; like riding a bike or nailing a cartwheel for the first time; like lifting the lid on the most exquisite box of chocolates in existence (dark chocolate salted caramel, naturally)... So to touch, circumnavigate and enjoy coffee and scones whist perched upon one such feat of genius is all of those rolled into one.

This beautiful printed velvet upholstery features within a breathtaking lounge renovation - never has Wilderness looked wilder!"

- Iona Crawford

Photography: @cursetheseeyes

Photography: @cursetheseeyes

Working with Iona Crawford was such an amazing experience for me - Iona’s fabrics and designs are so unusual and this is what drew me to this project. The whole experience was stress-free and very personal yet professional and there was lots of homemade cakes and tea thrown into every meeting! Support throughout the project and after was second to none.

Claire Johnson, Founder, I Am Nomad

Photography: @cursetheseeyes

During Claire's first visit to our Atelier, we shared afternoon tea and were in awe of the I Am Nomad founding story and journey it had been on to date. We were eager and delighted to be involved in the next renovation of her home for the launch of her Fall open house event.

The collaboration evolved into an exclusive viewing party for key Scottish interior designers, stylists and enthusiasts. We were honoured to give a short presentation of our brand to the guests alongside other partners such as Farrow & Ball. Inspirational and humbling, we could not have been happier with the outcome and look forward to collaborating with Claire again in the future.

Photography: @cursetheseeyes

And the Devil of Detail perched upon his velvety, Wilderness-adorned pouffe, gazing up through the canopied tangle of forest to the hazy skies beyond...

Photography: @cursetheseeyes

Photography: @cursetheseeyes

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