— Perceptions

Morning Reflections Fabric

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— Perceptions

Morning Reflections Fabric

Together we exist in a world of mirrors. Hours of beautifying; a moment’s shop window glance in the morning sunlight; fairground illusions. If that mirror is whole of shattered, does this impact the true reflection?

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- Fabric Width: 140cm
- Sold By: 1m (3m order minimum)
- FR Treatment: Available On Request.
- Tiered Discounts Available for Modest Volume.
- Made in the UK.


h:35cm x v:35cm

Perceptions Collection

In a world where we now have the power to physically alter not only the man-made, commercial sphere but also the living, breathing natural environment within which we exist, and our own physical being, the true definition of beautiful has become evermore subjective.

Fabrics Types

Each of our print designs are available in a range of fabric qualities. Should you wish for a sample in a particular quality from the list below, please contact the Atelier directly.

SKUFabric QualityCompositionInfo
IC2356 Lightweight Cotton Linen228gsm, 97% Cotton/ 0.3% LinenInfo
IC2357 Heavyweight Cotton Linen350gsm, 60% Cotton/40% LinenInfo
IC2359 Luxe Velvet375gsm, 100% polyesterInfo
IC2360 Superluxe Velvet395gsm, 100% polyesterInfo
IC2361 Chenille Velvet442gsm, 100% polyesterInfo
IC2362 Soft Suede150gsm, 100% polyesterInfo
IC2363 Soft Satin230gsm, 100% polyesterInfo
IC2364 Outdoor Twill150gsm, 100% PolyesterInfo


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