— Wilde Imagination

Dreamer by Dawn Fabric

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— Wilde Imagination

Dreamer by Dawn Fabric

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Dreamer - A notional series of fluid and natural shapes and hues guided by the rise and fall of the sun and moon.


h:70cm x v:78cm

Wilde Imagination Collection

To experience the world through a child’s eyes. Free and unbridled, emotive and honest. Wilde Imagination is a series of artwork inspired by the experience of learning how to live and navigate the multifaceted universe, for a second time, with the same carefree abandon as the first.

Fabrics Types

Each of our print designs are available in a range of fabric qualities. Should you wish for a sample in a particular quality from the list below, please contact the Atelier directly.

SKUFabric QualityCompositionInfo
IC2932 Lightweight Cotton Linen228gsm, 97% Cotton/ 0.3% LinenInfo
IC2933 Heavyweight Cotton Linen350gsm, 60% Cotton/40% LinenInfo
IC2934 Super Heavyweight Cotton Linen343gsm - 47% Linen, 40% Cotton, 13% NylonInfo
IC2935 Cotton Panama285gsm, 100% Organic CottonInfo
IC2936 Luxe Velvet375gsm, 100% polyesterInfo
IC2937 Superluxe Velvet395gsm, 100% polyesterInfo
IC2938 Chenille Velvet442gsm, 100% polyesterInfo
IC2939 Soft Suede150gsm, 100% polyesterInfo
IC2940 Outdoor Twill150gsm, 100% PolyesterInfo


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