— Kin

Cosmos Xanthos Fabric

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— Kin

Cosmos Xanthos Fabric

Cosmos flowers symbolise order, harmony and balance. Cosmoses also represent peace, tranquillity, modesty and joy. In the Victorian Era, when floriography was at it's height, cosmos flowers symbolised joy in love and in life.

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- Fabric Width: 140cm
- Sold By: 1m (3m order minimum)
- FR Treatment: Available On Request
- Tiered Discounts Available for Modest Volume
- Made in the UK


h:140cm x v:68.36cm

Kin Collection

Joy in love and in life. Kin is a tapestry woven with threads of shared history, unspoken understanding, and a deep wellspring of love that knows no bounds. It is an ever evolving connection, a constellation of souls that illuminate the path of our lives. A reminder that in this vast world, we are never truly alone, for we carry our Kin.

Fabrics Types

Each of our print designs are available in a range of fabric qualities. Should you wish for a sample in a particular quality from the list below, please contact the Atelier directly.

SKUFabric QualityCompositionInfo
IC3610 Lightweight Cotton Linen228gsm, 97% Cotton/ 0.3% LinenInfo
IC3611 Heavyweight Cotton Linen350gsm, 60% Cotton/40% LinenInfo
IC3613 Cotton Panama285gsm, 100% Organic CottonInfo
IC3614 Luxe Velvet375gsm, 100% polyesterInfo
IC3615 Superluxe Velvet395gsm, 100% polyesterInfo
IC3616 Chenille Velvet442gsm, 100% polyesterInfo
IC3617 Soft Suede150gsm, 100% polyesterInfo
IC3618 Outdoor Twill150gsm, 100% PolyesterInfo


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