— Kin

Air Stratus Lampshade

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— Kin

Air Stratus Lampshade

The silent witness to the stories of our lives. A canvas for our most profound moments and emotions. As we breathe, we connect with the world and each other, in the ever-present, ever-mysterious embrace of air.


IC025KI — Petite 205mm x 130mm

IC026KI — Midi 305mm x 180mm

IC027KI — Grande 406mm x 300mm

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- Custom scale available upon request
- Designs can be printed on inner and outer of shade
- Suitable for ceiling or freestanding fittings
- Available to purchase via our online shop
- Made in the UK

Kin Collection

Joy in love and in life. Kin is a tapestry woven with threads of shared history, unspoken understanding, and a deep wellspring of love that knows no bounds. It is an ever evolving connection, a constellation of souls that illuminate the path of our lives. A reminder that in this vast world, we are never truly alone, for we carry our Kin.


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