Spotlight Our Showrooms: MADE | Materials for Designers

Nestled within a gorgeous jewel-box in the deserts of Arizona, our exceptional friends at MADE offer superior concierge service to assist with all of your design needs.

Tell us a little on the back-story of how MADE was born?

MADE began in 2019 when Richard, after thirteen years of working for others, took a leap to follow his convictions. A co-worker once asked if he would ever want to open his own showroom. A daunting prospect it seemed at the time but an immediate overview came to mind. A bridging of makers and designers with a boutique approach. That postulation planted a seed that continued to grow. When a decisive moment came to either continue the will of others or forge a new path, the choice was clear. The entirety of the brand identity and ethos came naturally.

With over a decade of Richards experience selling luxury brands and established relationships with Arizona designers, MADE hit the ground running with a select group of makers ready to share inspiration and materials. Soon thereafter, Yaiza Brown, an experienced interior designer joined on as partner and co-visionary. She was interested in making her own mark but didn’t want to work directly with residential clients. Rather she would be able to bring her knowledge of the design process and therefore be a liaison and, in many ways, a direct assistant to all of MADE clientele.

The overarching plan was to always be nimble and offer service with speed, accuracy, and inspiration. With less than a year in operation, an opportunity to open a physical location came. A small and inspiring jewel box of a space to offer a concierge experience to interior designers and their clients. One year after being formed, MADE | Materials for Designers had a showroom.

iona crawford at made design studio

How does being based in Arizona influence your work?

Arizona is a place that carries both its own natural and indigenous history but also layers on all of the backgrounds of those that choose to make the desert their home. That pushes us to be versed in a broad spectrum of styles. As well, we have historically been viewed as a secondary market but that is quickly changing. This gives us the opportunity to be a hub for design inspiration not previously provided at a local level.

Our clients translate the ease of southwest living into their works. Whether using obscure and unique pieces or searching for everyday comfort, there is a calmness to their work..

Richard Wilkinson, Founder/Partner

Yaiza Brown, Interior Designer/Partner

What are your personal design inspirations?

Richard: My design inspirations have changed over the years. Most recently I find inspiration in the remote landscapes of the southwest. Call it desert pastoral if you like. {See the David Phelps sculpture of the same name to imagine the feeling.}

Yaiza: Fashion and art have always been my main inspirations. I find that both of those worlds are always intertwined with interior design in some level. Colour, textures and unexpected elements collide & inspire the spaces that we occupy.

What are your favourite Iona Crawford designs/collections and why?

Richard: Perceptions. Aesthetically this collection provides a depth in colour and moody dreamscape of imagery. Define being my favourite pattern.

Yaiza: Co- Exist. I am fascinated with the ocean and I also collect minerals/crystals from all over the world. The combinations of these elements along with it's vibrant colours, patterns and textures collide and create a lively mystery. Mineral Pastel & Ocean Floor are equally my favourites.

Any fun facts; be it a past-time you are passionate about, favourite vacation spot, celebrity doppelgänger..

Richard: People are aghast when they learn that I cannot swim. I’m a fire sign, never been privy to the water, and would prefer sitting atop a mountain than splashing in waves.

Yaiza: In another life… I would have been a singer/ dancer on Broadway. I was a dancer for many years, since I was 3 yrs old. I am obsessed with musicals- Cabaret and Chicago will always be top two favourite shows.

..perhaps a cocktail of choice!?

Richard: dessert of choice, Strawberries & Cream.

Yaiza: drink of choice, Champagne!

For any required creative support on your next design venture, do reach out to MADE Resource Group ~ any excuse to visit an exceptional team and peruse some inspiring collections!

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