Beautifully woven lace and madras

Our story telling sheers carry an ethereal tactility through our collections. Observing their production within Scotland’s one and only remaining lace mill is serene and symphonic.

The wonder of laces and sheers has always been in their versatility and timelessness. A contemporary style sheer placed within a traditional setting delivers an entirely new dimension of elegance, whilst the converse - pairing a more period surround with an ultra modern sheer - holds an eclecticism all of its own.

Each mill visit to observe the ancient looms looping the cotton threads with perfect precision, portraying our designs as full fabric lengths, further stimulated our curiousity of the process. The skillful weave technicians carefully warping away and the seamstresses darning each piece of fabric to ensure absolute precision and endless beauty.

Arctic Madras Lace, Co-Exist Collection

Ocean Floor Madras Lace, Co-Exist Collection

Honour Lace

The world's sole remaining producer of patterned lace, woven by original Nottingham Lace Looms and an exclusive manufacturer of Scottish Leno Gauze weave - later known as Scottish Madras.

Iona Crawford 'Signature Sheers' were born at this very mill, interpreting what was once a complex digital image into a tactile woven piece of art. Available in a multitude of different colourways, in both Scottish Madras and open weave lace.

Honour Lace

We treasure our close knit relationships with British manufacturers and have always been passionate about producing our textiles here in the UK. The Scottish textile industry in particular has been at the forefront of manufacturing since the 1700s and we continue to support and welcome collaboration which celebrates its vital evolution.

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