Spotlight Our Showrooms: F2 Resourcing Collaborative

With extensive experience in the world of design, we introduce Ashley of F2 Resourcing Collaborative ~ our representative partner throughout Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia.

Tell us a little on the back-story of how F2 Resourcing was born?

I’ve always had an interest in Interior Design. I attended a small college in VA and took courses in both Design and Business. I graduated in 2007, literally right before the economy crashed in 2008. I ended up getting stuck in the retail world for a while but always found myself gravitating back to the design industry.

F2 was born from two main components. One, I knew that I found where I belonged while working as a Sales Agent for Donghia. Two, I decided it was time to take the leap of faith in launching my own business so that I could continue working with the amazing designers and partners that I had gotten to know over the past few years. Almost one year into starting this company I can honestly say that I feel privileged and blessed every single day that I get to do what I love. Being a part of some of the best design projects around is so much fun!

Ashley Fratzke Fabri, Founder

How does being based in Washington influence your work?

My location is probably why the aesthetics I work with are so vast. Obviously with DC, Baltimore, and even Richmond, you can get more of the city vibes. There are also booming suburbs and rolling countryside homes that are drastically different ~ which in turn means I get to be a part of all types of design work.

What are your personal design inspirations?

I gravitate to the more rustic/industrial vibes with bits of frilly thrown in. I also try to incorporate a warm welcoming aesthetic. You are always welcome to pop by for a beverage and when you do come visit my family and I, you can tell that we live in our home. With that said I can honestly appreciate various elements of all design styles.

What are your favourite Iona Crawford designs and why?

Like most people, Finn Stag is definitely on the top of my list, but I really like a lot of Iona’s work because it is so unique, and each subject is shown/displayed in such unsuspecting ways. She really thinks outside of the box on how to interpret the inspiration and layout of each of her designs.

Favourite design, Finn Stag

Any fun facts: be it a past-time you are passionate about, favourite vacation spot, celebrity doppelgänger or perhaps just cocktail of choice!?

A lot of the clients I work with probably do not know that I was very active in sports growing up. I played both soccer and softball for my college. I was the Women’s Intermural Champ my senior year. I am extremely competitive and love a teamwork environment. When I was applying to go to college I was always told “well you have to pick one or the other.” Advisors would say “You can’t have the sports and the interior design.” Luckily, I found the little college where I could do both!

Gorgeous collections and even better company, get in touch with the exceptional F2 Resourcing Co and get your dream interior underway!

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