Diana's Grove

Nestled within the grounds of Atholl Estates, on the tip of the Cairngorm National Park and at the heart of the Scottish Highlands, lies Diana's Grove. A serene and ethereal woodland, named after the Roman Goddess of Hunting, carrying in her company an array of the world's finest tree varietals.

The majestic Grand Fir, pendulous Japanese Larch and basking Silver Birch - to name a magnificent few. Our Diana's Grove collection was conjured from time spent by Iona in the Highlands in the coppery autumn days before the birth of her first child. So emotive were the lush lichen greens and indigo heathers. The crimson berries and tumbling orchard fruits. Muddled, mulchy treacle undergrowth beneath the gold and amber leaves as they clung on for just one more day. A tapestry of life. A vivid paintbox of colour crowned by the brightest blue sky to ever exist.

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