Sunspire Lighting Collaboration

TYPE: Commercial
LOCATION: Scotland

Introducing Sunspire; an entirely Scottish, sustainable capsule of pendants and lamps, cast by our magnificent collaborative partner Midton.

Amethyst, Jade & Rose Quarts Lamps

For as long as I can recall, lighting has been a source of wonder and fascination. As a child I slept with a night light and found solace in the stars. I grew up on a farm in the Scottish countryside, untouched by light pollution. Power cuts were frequent, and so too were study nights by candle-light where my eyes had to adapt suddenly to make it to the end of a paper.

Evolving as a designer, travelling and experiencing the nuances each new culture and climate brings in terms of necessity, form and function has opened my eyes to the cornucopia of diversity in design. Where the purpose of fabrics and wallcovering is often extremely diverse and multifaceted within any given project, the involvement of lighting covers new ground entirely. Yet, it holds unity in the significance of enhancing lives through beautiful, considered spaces.

Sunspire Moodboard

Sunspire Rose Quarts Lamp

As a brand we are a sum of our parts. We work with the finest mills, print rooms and manufacturers in the world. Longstanding relationships which enable me to realise my artwork and express my creative viewpoint. The process is paramount and so too is my understanding of the technicalities, the innovation and the intricacies which knit together to form one complete production process.

Recycled acrylic chip

Acrylic colours

The experience of visiting Midton is etched in my memory for a lifetime. A pioneering foundry perched in a far flung spot on the west coast of Scotland. Within, a collective of the most warm, learned, grounded people who are fiercely passionate about their craft. Our collaboration was born that day, washing away any fears I had at the prospect of leaning in to the unknown, where lighting is concerned.

Featuring spherical accents with a soft diffused aesthetic...

Aurora & Halo Pendants

This contemporary lighting collection is crafted with a fusion of innovative design and technological prowess, harmonising form and function.

Cast from recycled acrylic chips, our Sunspire range harnesses sustainability at its core. With hand-rolled edges and a buckram finish, our complimenting shades are interchangeable to any design within the Iona Crawford portfolio. Both lamps and pendants are available in Petite, Midi and Grande with a selection of colour and finish options.

Aurora Encapsulated Midi Pendant

Brass Etch Detailing