The New Inn, Sampson Associates

TYPE: Hospitality

Fresh British, seasonal produce served with a side of our delicious Germinate wallpaper masterfully incorporated into Sampson Associates' quirky pub design scheme.

As a studio of self confessed foodies, with something of a penchant for a beautiful glass of wine, we delight in the process of observing our collections featured within F&B projects.

We adored working alongside Sampson Associates, who continue to be great supporters of our brand, taking an interest in our background and the vast array of stories which lie behind each design series.

There is nothing quite as sweet as heading to your local haunt on a Friday eve after the working week, or perhaps on a lazy Sunday afternoon for a delicious pub lunch. Popping corks in the gantry and pulling pints aplenty. All the while, Germinate wall covering adorning the cosy surrounds.

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