— Kin

Air Kindling Wallpaper

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— Kin

Air Kindling Wallpaper

The silent witness to the stories of our lives. A canvas for our most profound moments and emotions. As we breathe, we connect with the world and each other, in the ever-present, ever-mysterious embrace of air.


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- Non-Woven Dimensions: 70cm/10m roll
- Vinyl Dimensions: 60cm/10m roll
- Wide-Width Rolls Available on Request
- Bespoke MTM Panels Available on Request
- Made In the UK


h:60cm x v:60cm

Kin Collection

Joy in love and in life. Kin is a tapestry woven with threads of shared history, unspoken understanding, and a deep wellspring of love that knows no bounds. It is an ever evolving connection, a constellation of souls that illuminate the path of our lives. A reminder that in this vast world, we are never truly alone, for we carry our Kin.

Wallpaper Types

SKUFabric QualityComposition
IC3753 DomesticSoft Crackle Coated Non Woven, Pearl Smooth Coated Non Woven, Matte Uncoated Non-Woven
IC3754 VinylFine Suede Vinyl (Type 1 and Type 2)


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