Spotlight Our Showrooms: Pholio Co

Our Texan soul sisters from Pholio Co, bringing sophistication and flair to any design venture big or small from their dreamy Dallas showroom.

Our Pholio Co mission has and always will be to illuminate the stories that COnnect our material world with the culture of architecture.

Jessica Pinzon, Founder

Emily McNeal, Studio Director

Tell us a little on the back-story of how Pholio Co. was born?

Jessica: It was the natural next step. I’ve pioneered multiple lines, set up showrooms, managed major showrooms and had an understanding of what I wanted to accomplish and where I could fit into the market. Our goal is to represent brands with people we like doing business with that offer a good product that they stand behind. I love pioneering artful brands as much as I love diversifying global brands. We’re inspired and honoured by our partners commitment to us and are dedicated to their success in the market.

How does being based in Dallas influence your work?

Emily: I think Dallas has a gentility to it, its welcoming, has a strong community, and it has a global presence when it comes to design with major global firms and designers based here.

Is there a particular interior design aesthetic that your client-base resonate with?

Emily: Nope! We’ve got a little bit of everything here in Texas and our clients’ work reflects that!

Iona Crawford at Pholio Co

What are your personal design inspirations?

Jessica: Nature! I love crisp autumn leaves in the fall, lavender in the spring. The colour palettes that come with a new season

Emily: Lately I’ve been majorly inspired by Luke Edward Hall. This quote from him sums up his and my personal design philosophy -

“The world can be quite a grim place sometimes and maximalist interiors provide an escape – a fantasy in which to lose yourself (…) I just see it as wanting to be surrounded by lovely things.”

What are your favourite Iona Crawford designs and why?

Wilderness for sure. It’s transportive, that feeling of laying on the ground and looking up into the trees is just so evocative.

Emily: Nurture! This has been a favorite of mine for years. I love the color palette and mesmerizing pattern.

Iona Crawford at Pholio Co

Any fun facts; be it a past-time you are passionate about, favourite vacation spot, celebrity doppelgänger or perhaps just cocktail of choice!?

I’ve played golf for most of my life!

Emily: My husband and I adopted a one eyed chihuahua named Dan this year and he is the light of our lives!

Should you require creative support do reach out to Pholio Co. for your next design venture ~ guaranteed world class customer service and an excuse to peruse some gorgeous collections!

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