Lifting the curtain: Diana's Grove

A peak into the process behind our recent Diana's Grove campaign

Each of our collections stems from a concept; a notion, a conversational starting point, a moment in time. A series of painted, sketched and drawn artwork is created and from that a body of designs evolve to exist as the vehicle which carries that original concept forth. Much like contemporary art, our collections speak of life, existence and evolution.

Early workings from the Diana's Grove collection

Playing with the idea of our design work existing in the context of a still life painting, our recent Diana’s Grove campaign shoot mirrored this vision via the use of architectural props and found natural objects. Our aim – to create painterly atmospheric scenes, drawing inspiration from still life, while also conveying a sense of movement and motion within the images.

Architectural props, sourced locally

Natural materials reflect our inspirations

Still and moving imagery was captured under natural light, curated to replicate the dappled Autumn light present within the setting and season the collection was conjured.

Featured above; one of our seven final images, featuring our seductive Ros Wallpaper. Imagery created in collaboration with Graphical House and Susan Castillo.