The winter months have passed, and here we welcome the glowing complexion of Scottish summer around our light, bright Glasgow Atelier. Long gone are the days of wrapping multiple layers of wool and cashmere around every exposed surface of skin – we can now embrace the liberation of leaving layered necessities behind and enjoy the light heartedness of our summer wardrobes. Well almost, at least for us further north of the equator.

The scarf remains as a staple part of everyday styling survival, yet provides a platform of expression and fashionable wit. Although we can leave the woolly warmers in the attic for another few glorious months, there is still a desire to drape a layer of protection from the erratic elements.

Here at Iona Crawford, waterfalls of silk and bundles of flourishing colour and print surround us. The scarves seem to take on a life of their own; twisting and knotting, flowing and draping around the necks and busts of our body. But why stop there? Let these fundamental accessories push your boundaries in personal style. Here we illustrate an array of inspiration in how to wear and style your scarves this summer. Our love of fashion and interiors has propelled us into a foray of styling sensationalism. From pleats, belts, bows and bracelets, to flaunting your staple handbag with colour and texture. The possibilities are truly endless.