Call me crazy, which is quite possibly a fair observation, yet I've come to identify many motions associated with life as a designer to be very similar to Pythagorean theorum. That and reverse parking... bear with me.

As a high school mathematics student, whilst I successfully learned the theories conjured up by Pythagoras and his trigonometric, algebraic friends, this did not justify true understanding of each lesson. With relative speed and a huge sense of relief came each light bulb moment. As soon as my mind engaged with problem solving aspects and underlying theories, each process married to form perfect sense.

Similarly, learning to drive in an estate car - as well as being hugely uncool in the eyes of my seventeen year old self - it made reverse parking seem an impossibility akin to driving a double decker bus with a caravan attached. Noticing my fright at the mere suggestion, my saintly instructor developed a sequence of manoeuvres involving a sticker on the rear window of the car and a very precise sequence of steering wheel rotations. Hey presto, call me Louisa Hamilton, I nailed those corners every single time. However, it wasn't until leaping like a frisky salmon into my very first car that the bubble burst. I couldn't actually park, not even in a car half the length of my beloved estate car. A spell of perseverance and practice later, proportions and spacial awareness enlightened me to the world of driving backwards as well as forwards.

Encapsulated in the world of design is a process. From idea to concept, concept to manufacture, manufacture to install... and all the glorious complexities interspersed throughout the journey. Ensuring a streamlined sequence of processes gives us inherent confidence in the outcomes and, in turn, gives our clients a confidence in us.

At the heart of each manufacturing framework are the magnificent partners with whom we work to translate our (very often ambitious) design concepts into tangible, timeless and ultimately beautiful pieces. Be it plush printed velvets, pleated silks, contract spec vinyl wallcoverings, delicate lighting, upholstered furniture, domestic wallpapers, elegant madras and lace sheers, brand new *soon to be revealed* things of gorgeousness... We employ the exemplary skills of many, many masters without whom our concepts would represent a gigantically assortment of creative eccentricity.

We love, and I mean seriously love, to fully immerse ourselves in the processes each manufacturing partner undertake. From start to finish and every precious tea break along the way - thanks for the Jaffa Cakes John! Mesmerising, enlightening, awe-inspiring. To engage is to learn and every day is a joy on this creative curve.

The accompanying images were capture bespoke sheers upon the gently purring lace looms at Morton Young and Borland's heavenly mill in Newmilns, East Ayrshire.